How to Get Your Ass Writing When You Feel Stuck

Writer’s block happens to the best of the best, so take a deep breath because you’re in good company. Regardless of the subject you’ve chosen to write about, or are required to write about, here are a few steps you can take to shift your creative energy.

  1. Be Mindful. When you hyper-focus on anything, it can lead to fixation, you know when you can only think about what you aren’t doing, and then think about the consequences of not doing what you’re supposed to do. This can become a not so fun cycle of negative thinking, one that can cause a downward spiral into self degrading thoughts. Try this… picture your thoughts floating by like text bubbles, or small banners. Watch the thoughts move on by, and just notice them. Take deep breaths as you continue to watch your thoughts float by. Continue to do this until your thoughts slow down.
  2. Get Grounded. For many, writer’s block can bring up some anxious feelings. Along with taking deep belly breaths, try doing some progressive muscle relaxation. In this exercise you begin at your toes, squeezing as tightly as you can and holding for thirty seconds, then releasing and moving up your body all the way to the top of your head.
  3. Free Write Words That Come To Mind When You Think Of Your Topic. Write your topic at the top of your page. Close your eyes and visualize your topic. If your topic doesn’t bring up a visual image, think about what your abstract topic would look like if it came to life and was standing in front of you. Without over-thinking, write out whatever comes to mind. If you’re on a roll,(Yay!) just go with it, if not move on to the next step.
  4. Think Of A Personal Experience That Brings Meaning To Your Free Written Words. Take a peak at your free-written words, and pick one that stands out right away. Begin brainstorming and then writing about what experiences connect you to this word. When you feel like you’ve nailed it, see if any of your experiences can become inspiration, or supporting details for your blog topic.
  5. Create An Outline. With some potential supporting details ready to go, you are all set to create your outline. Break up your piece into several manageable segments and feel free to repeat any exercises you found helpful. Happy Writing!

Let’s chat! Which step was the most difficult, or easiest for you? Which step felt helpful in terms of getting your creativity going? What did you end up writing about?





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