We Could All Use A Hand Every Once In A While


  • Writing Short and Long Form Pieces 

What You’ll Get: I can provide research and opinion based pieces at various lengths. I specialize in breaking down complex issues into easy to understand content. My areas of expertise include mental health, relationships, self-care, pet wellness, financial stress, blogging how-tos, and the brain/body connection.

  • Editing

What You’ll Get: I’ll spellcheck your work, perfect your grammar, re-format your structure,  and make sure your piece clearly gets your point across to your intended audience. I can also help you reformat and edit your resume so you’ll be prepared when you start applying for jobs.

  • Writing Coaching Via Email or Phone Call

What You’ll Get: I’ll help you establish your unique voice, boost your confidence as a writer, identify your niche, perfect your formatting, and establish a strategy for success based on your specific goals. I’ll also help you identify your internal road blocks, which can prevent your success as a writer.

  • Help with Job Search

What You’ll Get: Job searching can be tedious, exhausting and super frustrating.  Send me your dream job description, and I’ll send you links to job applications and companies that seem to match your needs with a short description accompanying each link so you know what you’re clicking on.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!